God of War Ragnarök - Midgard Path to Sanctuary Grove (Env)

The work on River Pass was started by Cameron Kleven (env lead at Valkyrie Entertainment), Tim Swope, and Sady Fofana. I took these sections from an alpha state to beta and then to final ship. Additionally, my role was to help facilitate communication, art feedback, mentorship, and technical support to artists on the team. This work was a collaborative effort between Santa Monica Studio and Valkyrie Entertainment as well as other external partners.
Art Lead: John Palamarchuk
Art Director: Raf Grassetti
Environment Artists: Aenok Oh, Nick Vigna, Sady Fofana, Cameron Kleven, Tim Swope
Additional Env Artists: Annie Hsu, Kyle Bromley (responsible for the Midgard asset kit+materials)
Tech Art: Han Hunter
VFX: Nick Rudolph, Logan Duffy, Kevin Huynh
Lighting: Mario Wiechec, Marc Toscano
Design: Farid El-Nemr, Daniel Bang
Collision: Riley Bufton, Ketul Majmudar